In this video I explain the materials we use to make our products.

About us.

My name is Ismael and I am the person behind Bullplanet.

Bullplanet started back in 2017. Until this year, working with leather was a hobby for me. I closely followed some people who do spectacular work with leather. I was researching how I could do something similar. Manufacturing aesthetically beautiful products with a material, such as leather, with the quality it has caught my attention.

On the other hand, I clearly saw that the offer in the market for dog collars could be improved, and that breeds such as American Bullies, Pit Bulls and similar required a complement to match their imposing appearance.

In 2017 I suffered an accident that kept me out of work for a year and left me with some damage to my knee. My doctor recommended that I change jobs if I didn't want my knee to break down quickly.

However, you must always extract the positive reading of everything. The positive thing about spending a year without being able to practically walk is that I had time to develop my love for leather work and turn it into a livelihood.

All the products we sell on this website are handmade and using the best materials on the market. We put absolute dedication to every order a customer makes to us, from the moment they contact us until they receive their item, it is a priority that they are satisfied.