Leather gym belts and leather dog collars.

Are you looking for leather items that combine style and functionality? Welcome to Bullplanet, where leather creativity is our passion and we offer the best in personalized leather goods. Our specialty: gym belts and powerlifting belts handcrafted with the best materials with the aim of providing you with the support you need in each workout.

But that's not all, we also have something special for your furry friends: our dog collars , leashes and harnesses are comfortable and stylish, and you can personalize them to reflect your pet's personality.

You can make your purchase by paying in two installments without interest by choosing the option (alma - Pay in 2 installments) .

Gym belts.

Our belts are made with the best quality materials, leather and leather for the interiors, to give you the support and protection you need in your most challenging lifts and exercises. Whether you require a lumbar belt or a belt for your powerlifting practice , at Bullplanet you will find the ideal one to enhance your training.

Customization is the essence of what we do. Design your gym belt however you want, the only limit is your imagination. Write the text you want with the font you like the most, add a drawing and choose your favorite color, tell us your idea and we will prepare the design for you. DON'T HESITATE TO ASK, WE WILL EXPLAIN HOW TO DO IT!!!

Do you want to know more about gym belts?

Why choose a custom gym belt from Bullplanet?

At Bullplanet we have a clear value proposition, which is the creation of unique gym belts , each of them meticulously handcrafted using the best materials, such as leather and skin of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail and, above all, to the preferences of our clients.

In our commitment to making your belt purchase a unique experience, we offer you the opportunity to unleash your creativity to design your personalized belt . We value the trust you place in us, and our goal is to reciprocate you with a job done with dedication and care. In addition, we are here to provide you with the necessary attention, guiding you every step of the way so that you can purchase a product that you are truly passionate about. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How to customize my belt?

You can personalize your belt however you want, don't put limits on your creativity. Record a text, a drawing, your logo. In short, whatever you want.

For the texts you can choose the font you like the most from any font website. The drawings can be one that you have seen on the internet, a drawing from your favorite comic that you have scanned, etc...

If you have an idea and you want us to take care of finding the font, drawing and more, you just have to say it.

To get inspired you can see a sample of our work by clicking on the link to Instagram @bullplanetfit , you will see a lot of designs.

Once you are clear about how you want your belt. The text, the colors and, if you want, the drawing. Get in contact with us. If you click the Whatsapp button on your screen you can write to us.

You tell us your idea and we prepare the design for you so you can see how it will look. Once it is to your liking, we get to work to transfer it to the leather.

What is a gym belt and what is it used for?

A gym belt is a must-have accessory for all fitness lovers. Designed to provide optimal support to the lower back, it is used during weight lifting exercises and high intensity activities.

It firmly supports the lumbar region, so the gym belt helps maintain proper posture and prevent injuries when lifting heavy loads. In addition, by providing stability to the spine, it allows you to exercise more safely and effectively.

Dog collars.

Our collars are specially designed for large and strong dogs such as pitbull, American bully, Stanford, Presa Canario, Dogo breeds , etc.

We make personalized dog collars . Each necklace made of leather is a unique piece, designed to highlight the personality and charm of your companion. Whether you want a design from our collection or have a special idea in mind, we are here to make it happen. Just contact us and tell us your preferences, our team will work with you to create an accessory that reflects the unique spirit of your faithful friend.

Do you want to know more about dog collars?

Why choose a Bullplanet necklace?

We make all our collars by hand with the best quality leather , and inside we install soft padding lined with goatskin . With this interior padding, we manage to prevent the collar from causing chafing on your dog's neck and also an aesthetic effect, being able to combine the colors of the leather and the padding to your liking.

You can also personalize your necklace however you want . Just contact us and explain your ideas. Combine colors, font, a drawing, etc. In short, any idea that occurs to you.

How to choose the right collar for my dog?

Choosing the right collar for your dog is important for his comfort and safety. Consider your dog's size and breed, as well as his activity level and personality.

For this reason you have the option to choose the width and length measurement of the necklace. Our collars have interior padding lined with leather that makes them really comfortable.

When making the purchase, you must tell us the neck measurement, without slack, and the width measurement that best suits the size of your dog. With this information we create a collar that will adapt perfectly to your pet's neck.

What are the styles available in dog collars?

In our collection you will find a variety of designs, with different color combinations and fonts as well as necklaces with decorative rivets and metal cones.

However, the idea is that you can personalize the necklace as you prefer, to do this click on the Whatsapp button on the screen, the number is 660 44 12 97, tell us how you want the necklace; measurements, colors, font for the name etc...

For inspiration you can see a sample of our work by clicking on the link to Instagran @bullplanet . you will see a lot of different designs

How should I clean my dog's collar?

Keeping your dog's collar clean and in good condition is essential for its durability and comfort. To clean, simply use a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and debris after rides.

You can also apply a conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple. Avoid using solvents or washing it in the washing machine, as this can damage the materials and decorations. By following these simple care guidelines, you will ensure that your dog's collar looks pristine and will accompany him on many adventures together.


Choose the collar or harness that you like the most and here you can purchase a matching leash.

You can configure it to your liking. Choose the size, record the name, put a spring on it...



In addition to dog collars, we have personalized leather harnesses, which will make your pet look spectacular and have the added bonus of comfort, since we place our leather-lined padding inside the chest. Customize them however you want!

Bozales para perro de cuero con acolchado interior forrado con piel


Since we are obliged to put a muzzle on our dog unless he is comfortable and has his own style. You can personalize the muzzle with the name or drawing you want with your favorite colors and always made with the best leather and our interior padding.