Cómo educar a un Pitbull

How to train a Pitbull


Most people think that training a Pitbull is complicated because it is a stubborn and aggressive looking dog. But the fact is that the Pitbull, with a little patience and the right method can be a dog with a friendly and familiar behavior. In this article we want to talk about the training and education of Pitbulls and the important points of training.


Pitbulls are extremely intelligent dogs and therefore need more training, because if you do not socialize them they can become stubborn dogs that do not listen to anyone, not even their owner.

But training a Pitbull is not that difficult, because they love to please their owners and if you treat them correctly they will soon accept you as their boss.

To educate a Pitbull, it is counterproductive to use violence or punishment; it is necessary to address him in a kind but serious and determined manner.

The Pitbull must learn above all to listen to you and be obedient. Dogs can barely concentrate on anything else when they are scared, excited or angry, they usually don't hear your voice at all so they won't pay attention to what you say to them. For this reason, you have to teach him that he has to listen to you under any circumstance.


One of the important points of training a Pitbull is to use positive stimuli. Unfortunately, most dog owners treat their dogs according to their mood at that moment, if they are angry they yell at the dog and do not realize the negative effect this will have on the dog and their relationship with it.

Pitbulls like to please their owners, it's just that sometimes they don't understand what you want to tell them. The best way to effectively train a Pitbull is to confirm their work every time they do something correctly with verbal encouragement, for example telling them happily. “good boy/girl”, They love to be admired and encouraged when they do a good deed and if they get a delicious meal all the better.


Never practice with your dog if you are upset or angry. It usually takes time and requires patience to educate him, anger and impatience will have a very negative effect on him. The dog feeds on our emotions, so if you treat it calmly it will become a calm and polite companion and on the contrary if you educate it with anger and shouting, you will have a nervous and aggressive dog.


This part is one of the most important in training a Pitbull and you must teach it from the beginning.

Pitbulls are brave and fearless dogs and react to different sounds and the presence of strange people and animals. For this reason you should teach him from the beginning that he does not have to bark when he hears a sound, for example the ringing of a doorbell, or when he sees a stranger. For this exercise you will need the sound with which the dog starts barking (for example the sound of a doorbell), a tasty snack and, if possible, a clicker.

When the bell rings and the dog starts barking and eats the treat in front of its nose, the Pitbull focuses its attention on the food and will remain silent for a moment. Take the opportunity to sound the clicker and say “good boy/girl” and then give him the food.

Repeat this exercise many times in different situations so that your Pitbull internalizes this behavior pattern and becomes quiet when hearing different sounds.


It is important to socialize them from an early age, they must learn to be friendly with humans and other dogs and understand that not all strangers necessarily mean danger.

Take your dog to new and different places as a puppy so that he can meet strangers, especially other dogs. Over time, your Pitbull becomes an educated and sociable dog that is more pleasant to live with.


Pitbulls have muscular bodies and are very energetic, they need activity. One of the main reasons for the Pitbull's behavioral problems is that its energy is not depleted, which is why it is necessary for it to do physical activity. Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog, the more active they are, the happier, healthier and easier they are to train.


Pitbull dogs are inherently a brave breed and have a tendency to bite.

When he is a puppy it can be fun but can you imagine what happens when he is a big and strong dog?

When training your Pitbull it is important to stop his aggressive behaviors in different situations.

On the other hand, Pitbulls love to chew, one of the reasons they bite is the desire to chew and it is unlikely that you will be able to completely get rid of that habit. Give your Pitbull all kinds of chew toys instead of trying to suppress that instinctive habit and try to teach him what can and cannot be chewed. When a puppy bites your hand, give him a chew toy instead of scolding him.

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